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Investigadora del CBA es premiada por la Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

La investigadora del Centro, Dra V Bachelet y editora en jefe de la revista Medwave, logra importante reconocimiento internacional de la "Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers" por su destacada contribución en Publicaciones académicas, y especificamenete en la Premio a la Innovación Editorial, asociada al Bilingüismo desde el envío hasta la publicación de Medwave y Kriyadocs

The ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing 2023

The well-known ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing, recognizes any new development, product, service, launch or project which is both innovative and of significant value to scholarly communication.

Winner: BMJ Impact Analytics
The collaboration between BMJ and Overton resulted in BMJ Impact Analytics, the first research impact tool focused on health and social care. BMJ Impact Analytics makes it easy to find, track, and share the real-world impact of health and medical research. 

Winner: Bilingualism from submission to publication from Medwave and Kriyadocs
Medwave and Kriyadocs worked together to design a fully bilingual peer review and production platform that enables the simultaneous publication of Spanish and translated English articles. This model also serves as a blueprint for future endeavours in multilingual publishing, paving the way for more accessible, collaborative, and culturally diverse scientific communities.

Finalists for 2023 were:  

  • Cassyni Journal Seminar Series
  • Schol-AR

David Sommer, chair of the judging panel, and co-founder at Kudos commented:    
"The judges were all really impressed by such a high calibre of entries this year. For the Impact Award, the winner IOP Publishing clearly demonstrated its immediate but also potential long-term benefit. It is a model which could be taken up by other publishers and disciplines to measure and improve diversity and authorship. The approach is evidence based and demonstrates impressive statistical analysis. We awarded highly commended to Original Études for the Developing Conductor in recognition of the notable impact this educational resource is having in terms of improving quality, accessibility and diversity. 

In the Innovation Award, the judges selected BMJ Impact Analytics and Medwave/Kriyadocs as joint winners. Both entries demonstrated that they are doing something different – BMJ is about the impact of research on policy while the Medwave/Kryadocs focuses on being equitable at the start of the publishing process. Both have the potential to be extended out to other subject areas and both push the status quo, one to challenge the norm of ‘English first’ and the other by taking research out of its ivory tower.”

Watch the finalists’ videos and read the guest blog posts for a more detailed insight into each shortlisted entry.